The mission of the Brockport Soccer Club is to promote competitive youth soccer in a fun, safe, and positive environment. We support the education and development of players, parents, and coaches throughout Brockport, Clarkson, Hamlin, Sweden, and the sur

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Brockport Soccer Club Tryout Frequently Asked Questions


I have a technical question!  I can’t get the online registration to work!  Who should I contact?



I have a team formation and/or tryout question! Who should I contact?

Director of Teams: 


I have other questions!  Who should I contact?



What do I need to register my son/daughter for soccer tryouts?

Access the online Registration Form on the Club’s website,  Submit the Registration Form, Medical Release Form, upload a scanned copy of the player’s birth certificate, Read and electronically accept the Code of Conduct and Tournament Volunteer agreement and submit  a non-refundable Tryout Registration fee. 


Does my son/daughter need to attend both tryout dates?

Tryouts will consist of two dates for each Team. Prospective players MUST ATTEND BOTH TRYOUT DATES in order to be considered an eligible player for that team. If a player is unable to attend the scheduled tryouts, that player must contact the Director of Teams to make other arrangements with the Head or Temporary Head Coach.  If for any reason there is not a need for the 2nd day tryouts you will be notified.


When do I find out if my son/daughter made the team?

Within 48 hours of the last tryout date, the Head Coach or in the absence of a Head Coach, the Director of Teams, will contact every prospective player who tried out for the team, to advise if they made the team roster.  Prospective players must accept or decline within one week of the last tryout date.

If I can’t make tryouts due to previous commitment should my son/daughter still register?

Yes, but you need to notify the Director of Teams at


Are Tryout Registration fees refundable if my son/daughter doesn’t make the team?

Tryout Registration Fees are non-refundable.


My son/daughter made the team!  What’s next?

Your son/daughter will be contacted by the coach with details.  By paying the Membership Fee, you have accepted your spot on the team.  Membership Fees for the 2022-2023 season are $425.  However, if paid in full by midnight August 14th,  you will receive an early bird discount of $50, the rate is $375 and must be paid using the ONLINE system.  Membership Fees are non-refundable once the Fee has been paid except as noted in the “Formation of Teams” section of the Operating Procedures.


I want my son/daughter to be put on the same team as his/her friend.

In the instance of two teams at the same age level, all considerations will be reviewed.  We however cannot guarantee placement on same said team.


My son/daughter is an exceptional player.  How can I make sure they are playing with their level of competitiveness?  This is only relevant to U13 (Grade 7) and older players

The athlete and parent must initiate the consideration for exceptional player status by applying in writing to the President of the Brockport Soccer Club .  The parent and athlete should include in the letter the name of the player, birth date and reasons why the player should be considered for exceptional player status.  The letter must be received a minimum of 1 week PRIOR to the first date of the Club Tryouts. The President, or his/her designee, will make the decision to allow the player to tryout at the next age group.  Information included in the request and input from former and current coaches will be used to make this determination.  If the athlete is new to the Brockport Soccer Club, the letter must document compelling reasons why the athlete should be considered to play on a higher age level team.  (See Standard Operating Procedures for more information) After these steps are completed and only THEN you can check off in the online registration system if you are applying for exceptional player.


How do I know what team my son/daughter is eligible for?

What kind of time commitment are we talking about? And how far do we travel?

The Club has indoor space reserved every Sunday October through April. The approximately 1 hour time slots are assigned to teams so that most teams have 3+ practices per month.  We have several teams that don't practice every week, some by the schedule, others by coaching, etc. 

When outside, practice is usually 3 days a week (2/weekday & 1 weekend)… When games start mid-May they play 2 nights/week and may go down to 1 practice a week (so stays around 3x’s per week). Tournaments are optional (except for Brockport) and are decided by team. League play is mostly Monroe County and some surrounding counties.

When does the season start/end?

Indoor training is 1X/week on Sunday from mid-October – April.  Outdoor training goes from April – July.  Games start Mid-May.


Where do you practice?

Indoor is at the Dome on Ridge Road and TSE. Outdoor fields are located at Sweden Town Park on Redman Road.


The Code of Conduct on your website states that players must attend all practices.  What if there is an occasional conflict?

An occasional conflict is not a problem, but chronic absences stunt the growth and “gel” of the whole team.


Where can I find more information about soccer? 

  • New York State West Youth Soccer Association:
  • The New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) is the parent organization for over two hundred affiliated clubs and leagues in Western New York State. NYSWYSA is affiliated with US Youth Soccer, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and the Federation de International Football Association (FIFA).
  • NYSWYSA includes all New York State counties to the west and on Interstate Rt. 81. This area is broken up into districts, each of which is managed by separate commissioners.
  • Rochester District Youth Soccer League:
  • US Youth Soccer:
  • Federation International Football Association: